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Press Releases

April 24, 2012
Important Notice
On 31st August, 2011, Innvo Labs Limited terminated the exclusive authorized distributorship of TETE Asia Pacific Limited on all PLEO rb products for the Greater China Regions, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. We have yet to appoint any new authorized distributor for the above regions. In view of this, we hereby strongly advise Mens Cartier our customers not to purchase PLEO rb products from any unauthorized party as these products will not be protected under our warranty scheme. We admit our warranty service only to the customers who purchase our products from an authorized distributor.
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Please note that each package of the PLEO rb product consists of five standard accessories: the “tug of war stone”, the “bow learning stone”, and health care food “Conifer Leaf”, “Mint Leaf” and “Rock Salt”.

Furthermore, we recently discovered that there are Taiwan made “egg-shaped” charging cradles with lithium batteries sold in the market. This particular product is not officially authorized by us and led light bulbs for home has not passed our in-house safety requirements. We will not provide warranty protection to our customers for any damage or malfunction of their PLEO rb products caused by the use of this product. As such, we strongly recommend our customers using only the standard batteries supplied by Innvo Labs.

For details about our PLEO rb products, please visit any one of our following official websites:

Customers located in the Middle East, South Africa and Australia are welcome to visit the below website:

Should there is any inquiry, please direct your email to our Customer Service Officer at

Thank you for your attention.

Innvo Labs Limited