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May 20, 2010
PleoWorld is Now on Facebook

Pleo has joined the social media world on Facebook. Visit the Official Innvo Labs Pleo profile here.

We are so put up two Facebook Fan Pages, one for Pleo Owners, one for Pleo Developers/Tinkerers.

We want the Owners Page to be a fun place where owners can show off their Pleos. Share pictures of their Pleos out and about. Doing tricks, sightseeing, or just getting into trouble. Questions about Pleo operation? Ask away on our Wall; we’‘ll answer questions regularly.

For those who like to tinker with Pleo sftware, our Developers Page encourages technical discussion. Post questions about updating Pleo’‘ oftware. Share ideas for new tricks. Recommend behaviors to try.

Over 500 people have become Friends of Pleo since we created the profile. Join them!

The PleoWorld Facebook Owners Page
The PleoWorld Facebook Developers Page