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Home > PLEO rb in the news > Press Releases > Pleo Pet Dinosaur Has New Cape for a Softer Feel

April 26, 2010
Pleo Pet Dinosaur Has New Cape for a Softer Feel

Pleo Pet Dinosaur Has New Cape for a Softer Feel
The original Pleo dinosaurs have been out in the wild for a while now. Some of them have been what Innvo Labs likes to call "over-loved." They’‘ve had so much attention that they’‘re a little worn on the back.

Pleo Capes to the rescue!

Innvo Labs has released a new accessory for Pleos called the Pleo Cape.
The Pleo Cape
As you can see here, the Pleo Cape covers a Pleo’‘s back all the way around. The material is a cotton blend, which has the same pattern and is softer than the Pleo’‘s skin.

"This isn’‘t just for our over-loved Pleos," said Derek Dotson, COO. "It’‘s great for people who like a really soft Pleo too; my Pleo wears one all the time."

Pick up a new Pleo Cape at the
PleoWorld online store.