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PLEO 2009
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2009 Innvo Labs Rechargeable Bundle Pack B (20% saving)
Price : $97.52
FULL Charging Promo Set (For PLEO)
Price : $94.80
Battery Only Promo Set (For PLEO rb)
Price : $49.00
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Battery Only Promo Set (For PLEO rb)

PLEO rb Fashion Festival
Innvo Labs keeps launching saving promotions for you!
Wanna have free goods with shipping cost saving?

Battery Only Promo Set (For PLEO rb)

You can have the below freebies and saving:
1. One FREE Green/Yellow Patterned cape
2. Up to USD10 Shipping Cost Saving

Provides a soft cloth covering for PLEO's back, neck, tail and legs. We colored the cape to match PLEO’s skin.
The “PLEO's name is embroidered in front leg. The PLEO Cape provides an upgraded look to a well loved PLEO.

Battery Only Promo Set (For PLEO rb) includes:
1 unit of PLEO rb 2800 mAH Li rechargeable battery
1 pcs of Green/Yellow Patterned PLEO rb cape (Price: USD14.95 and NOW FREE!!!)
USD10 Shipping Cost Saving

“Special cape for special you, my sweetly PLEO rb ♥♥♥!!”
Just add up with USD10, your PLEO will get an unique cape with his/her name on it!
For more details:

Price: $49.00 Quantity:

Important notice:

Chinese New Year is the longest and most important festival within the Chinese calendar. With that said, Innvo Labs Customer Service will be on holiday from February 12 to February 24. Online orders will be filled after the festival and thank you for your patience during this timeframe.
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Battery Only Promo Set (For PLEO rb)
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