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2009 Innvo Labs Rechargeable Bundle Pack B (20% saving)
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Home > Get PLEO rb Online > Food > Health Care Food Series (Coffee Leaf & Bean/Mushroom/Chilli)
Health Care Food Series (Coffee Leaf & Bean/Mushroom/Chilli)

Coffee Leaf & Bean - An emotional soothing food for PLEO rb helping it to calm down if emotionally upset.

Mushroom - A healthy nutrient food for PLEO rb that enhances PLEO rb's healthy condition and resistance to sickness.

Chili - A high energy food for PLEO rb. It can enhance PLEO rb's physical condition and provide energy to keep it warm in a cold environment. Please feed PLEO rb the Chili Pepper once an hour if it's in a cold environment. NOTE - PLEO rb may refuse to eat the Chili Pepper if it's in a hot environment.


Price: $19.90 Quantity:

Notice! This product only works with PLEO rb. If you have a PLEO with a serial number starting with an "1" or "8" the product will NOT work.

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