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PLEO 2009
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PLEO rb Basic Pack - Green
Price : $469.00
2009 Innvo Labs Rechargeable Bundle Pack B+ (20% saving)
Price : $107.99
Embroidery Promo Battery Set (For PLEO rb )
Price : $59.00
Home > Get PLEO rb Online > Toy > Tug of War
Tug of War

PLEO rb likes to play if it is in good physical/mental condition.

It likes to play tug of war.

  1. Put the stone bite piece near PLEO rb’s mouth. It will open its mouth
    to let you put the stone in it if it wants to play. If it doesn’t want to play, it
    won’t open its mouth.
  2. After you put in the bite piece, it will bite down allowing you to start
    to pull the rope. If PLEO rb holds onto the bite piece for a period of 10-
    15 seconds it will open its mouth to release it and then act happy and
    excited that it won the game.

If you pull out the bite piece before 10-15 seconds are up, PLEO rb will
act unhappy with its head and tail down, so make sure to let PLEO rb win
sometimes to cheer it up!

Price: $5.99 Quantity:

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