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PLEO 2009
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PLEO rb Basic Pack - Green
Price : $469.00
Leisure Food Series (Cycad leaf/Sugar cane/Chunk of ice)
Price : $19.90
Embroidery Promo Battery Set (For PLEO rb )
Price : $59.00
Home > Get PLEO rb Online > PLEO 2009 > Original Design Collectible Edition
Original Design Collectible Edition
First generation PLEO was engineered by a group of robotics specialists, animators and technologists to create a lifelike appearance with organic movement and adaptable behaviors. PLEO was first created in 2007 and it denoted a great breakthrough for development of Modern Autonomous Robots and Mobile Robots. Our robot is a mixed kind of these two categories.
PLEO is a simply baby camarasaurus. Its sensors are so sensitive that it can feel your touch and hug. You will find it so lovable while it’s in your hug. Its sophisticated movement and gesture make you forget it’s a robot indeed.
PLEO is easier to be taken care of. Just prepare it a training leaf, together with your kind tender love for it!
Collecting the full series of PLEO and PLEO rb is now possible!
First Generation PLEO Limited Collectible Edition is now launched with Toycorp International in Russia!
For more details, please kindly contact us at
Important Notes:     
1.          Language of packaging and materials is in English.
2.          Shipment cost in not included and will be quoted separately by Toycorp International.
3.          One year warranty service shall be provided in Russia by Toycorp International.
Price: $369.00 Quantity:

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