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PLEO 2009
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Twins Eggclusive Promotion (50% off for 2nd) Blue + Pink
Price : $703.00
FULL Charging Promo Set (For PLEO)
Price : $94.80
Easter All-in-One Combo
Price : $90.00
Home > Get PLEO rb Online > PLEO 2009 > 2009 Innvo Labs Rechargeable Bundle Pack A (20% saving)
2009 Innvo Labs Rechargeable Bundle Pack A (20% saving)

1 piece of Charging Cradle and 1 piece of Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery

Innvo Labs now supports both PLEO and PLEO rb now.
We are pleased to launch a newly developed charging cradle for Ugobe Version PLEO, which is equipped with a slow charging recovery feature which help recover and thus extend the Ni-MH 2200mAH rechargeable battery life and thus playtime. It can help to keep your PLEO alive longer.

If battery had been left unused for a long time or if battery playtime is running short, please slide the Charge mode switch to the “Recovery” position before inserting battery into the cradle and allow charging for 16 hours. This helps discharge totally before recharging that it helps maintain the battery to be more durable.
Normal Price:          USD72.90
Bundle Price:           USD58.32
Saving:                     USD14.58

Note : Adapter is not included.

Price: $58.32 Quantity:

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