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Interactive Training Series (Eat/Dance/Play)
Price : $19.90
Leisure Food Series (Cycad leaf/Sugar cane/Chunk of ice)
Price : $19.90
Health Care Food Series (Coffee Leaf & Bean/Mushroom/Chilli)
Price : $19.90
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Whether you're a long-time robotics enthusiast, a fan of AI programming or a computer science student thinking of writing a term paper on PLEO rb, then we want you to explore PLEO rb to the fullest. If your PLEO rb fascination keeps you up at night creating new PLEO rb traits, you're welcome here. And if you'd like to design an animation or tool for PLEO rb, then this is the place for you to share with the other PLEO rb fan!
Life OS

In bringing Pleo to life, we set out to create a Life Form capable of organic and realistic movement, autonomous behavior, adaptive learning, and expressive personality through emotional responses.



"Life OS" is the complex software platform that enables PLEO rb's mechanical, electronic, sensory, and AI systems to interact to allow PLEO rb to react to you and it's environment and develop it's own unique personality.


PLEO rb Development Kit

The PLEO rb Development Kit (PrbDK) will take your PLEO rb to the next stage init's evolution? The PrbDK will makes it possible for you to creatively interact with PLEO rb on the programming level. Whether you are a casualhobbyist or hardcore hacker, you'll be supported at a level that makes your personalization of PLEO rb rewarding and fun.


PLEO rb Development Kit to be available in year 2011

You'll be able to tap into your creativity to modify it's behaviors, tweak an animation or completely reinvent it. Will you design a new neural network learning algorithm, or add a cool sound effect? The PrbDK makes personalization rewarding and fun.

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