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Interactive Training Series (Eat/Dance/Play)
Price : $19.90
Leisure Food Series (Cycad leaf/Sugar cane/Chunk of ice)
Price : $19.90
Health Care Food Series (Coffee Leaf & Bean/Mushroom/Chilli)
Price : $19.90
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General PLEO rb
> What is PLEO™ reborn ?
> What do you mean by "life form"?
> What is a Camarasaurus?
> What makes PLEO rb special?
> What is PLEO rb OS system ?
> Why PLEO rb not all looks the same ?
> What age is PLEO rb suitable for?
> Does PLEO rb physically grow?
> Does PLEO rb change?
> What are PLEO rb's different life stages, and how long does each one last?
> What can I do with PLEO rb ?
> Can I play with PLEO rb immediately after purchase?
> Do I need to buy any additional parts to make PLEO rb work?
> Does PLEO rb have a remote control?
> Do I need a computer to make PLEO rb work?
> Can PLEO rb talk?
> Will PLEO rb be able to hear?
> Why PLEO rb doesn't response to my voice commands?
> Will PLEO rb be able to see?
> What is PLEO rb's skin made of?
> How do I clean and take care for the skin of PLEO rb?
> What are some things PLEO rb cannot do?
> How do I care for my PLEO rb?
> What are the other suggestions for understanding & taking care of PLEO rb ?
> Why is my PLEO rb slow or sluggish?
> Why is my PLEO rb freezing up or stopping in the middle of an action?
> Why is my PLEO rb not turning “ON”?
> How long the clock battery could last for ?
> How do I adjust or mute the voice volume of Pleo rb?
> Can I paint my PLEO rb?
> Where can I buy PLEO rb?
> I still have questions; who can I contact?