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October 21, 2011
Winners of the Pleo video contest

I would like to thank everyone who entered this contest, and let me say that judging this was hard.  There are so many fantastic entries that judges went crazy, we started with a single PLEOrb as a prize and quickly realized that this was just not enough.  So it was decided to bump the total to 10, I thought at the time that was too many.  It is amazing how wrong one person can be.

Below are the 10 videos that the judges could agree where in the top replica watches 10.  They are listed in random order with the links to their videos.  To the winners of a PLEOrb basic pack congratulations, to all of the runner ups, keep making those videos I am sure we will do this again.

Derek Dotson COO
Innvo Labs


Winners list:

Kathleen May

Leticias Maximo

Helen Porter

Wesley Grooms

Robert OSchler

Eric Casey

Lina Ahman

Georgette Kostopoulous

Linda McKenzie

Sarah Huber