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PLEO rb + Extra Battery Set (Green)
Price : $518.90
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April 23, 2012
Having your own PLEO rb Cape is possible today!

In order to celebrate the launch of our new design and functions on We are very happy to announce that we provide a FREE Customized Embroidery Service on ordering a Green/Yellow pattern Cape.
From 23rd April 2012 till 31st July 2012, you can enjoy a FREE embroidery service which values USD10. Now, you can have a PLEO rb cape with the name of your PLEO rb on it. Simply tell us the name of your PLEO rb or send us your own design, you will have an unique cape! We are sure your PLEO rb will love it.
We have designed some fonts and styles for your selection. Please visit for the embroidery service details. Let’s design your own cape to your PLEO rb ! Don't miss out!
For any questions, please feel free to email us at