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Home > PLEO rb in the news > Press Releases > Unauthorized battery with chinese packaging sold in China, Ukraine and online stores

June 7, 2013
Unauthorized battery with chinese packaging sold in China, Ukraine and online stores

Innvo Labs is reported that a battery and cradle set in Chinese packaging are being sold in China and Ukraine and it also claims to be applicable for both PLEO and PLEO rb. The battery set is found to be produced by FUHAIYILI.Inc and is stated in the Chinese packaging too. Innvo Labs hereby declares the said battery set is NOT authorized and NOT manufactured by Innvo Labs who is the trademarks owner of Innvo Labs, PLEO and PLEO rb.
To protect the rights and interests of our consumers, Innvo Labs announces that Jetta is the ONLY authorized production and manufacturing partner of PLEO and PLEO rb and all its accessories, including batteries,best replica watches for Innvo Labs. Batteries produced and manufactured by Jetta has been granted the worldwide safety standards certificates. Customers are advised to use products of Innvo Labs only for both PLEO and PLEO rb to secure product safety.
While this particular product is NOT authorized to be produced by Innvo Labs, Innvo Labs will NOT provide warranty protection to customers for any damage or malfunction of their PLEO and PLEO rb products caused by the use of the unauthorized products. Innvo Labs is not responsible for any liability caused by this unauthorized product. We strongly recommend our customers to use ONLY the batteries produced by Innvo Labs.
What is more, Innvo Labs reminds the public that is NOT an authorized website to publish information for PLEO and PLEO rb. Content or materials used in the website does not have prior written consent of Innvo Labs. If any of the information provided in the said website is found to be inaccurate, false, out of date, or incomplete, Innvo Labs will not be accountable for any liability caused. is the OFFICIAL website for all PLEO and PLEO rb related products. All authorized resellers’ and distributors’ contacts and website could be found at For locations without resellers and distributors, namely China, Innvo Labs supports online purchase through the official website at or through email